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Website Hosting

Dynamic Dns Provider- NoIp

Do you want to host your own website?
It's actually pretty simple. Here is how to setup a Nginx server.
Then finaly make your own DNS with:

Live Server Core Temp:

A python script running 24/7 on my server is
constantly updating a text file. When the update button
is clicked it calles that file with AJAX.
Finaly, it displays it. As a sidenote the file is temp.txt.
You can check it out, but its very boring.


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Hosting a NAS

First, NAS means network atached storage.
This meansyou can take files from your computer
and store them over the internet on you server.
It work the same as a folder
on your computer, but it dissapears when you disconect from
the local internet.

Here is a video to show you how.


I have two youtube channels. One for technology and lasercutters (ProTech), and one for annything else.

Thermal Paste Tutorial

Is your server running hot? Are you bored? Here is a video on how to make thermal paste. It is used to attach a heatsink to you CPU/GPU. I wouldn't recomend this cheap DIY for high power CPUs though. ;)

More To Come!

I'm always adding more to this website in hope that google will alow monitization.;) This website has been a work in progress since 2016! Every update it gets a bit better. Or not. ;) BYE!